Oberlin Cable Co-op News

Spike name changed


Spike has changed name to Paramount. We will update guides ASAP to reflect this name change.

Email Scam


There has been an email scam going to subscribers asking you to click a link. As always, Cable Co-op will never notify you via email without talking to you first. Even then, we still would never ask for any personal information, including verification or passwords.

Here is an example:








Cable Co-op was notified by NBCU that the distribution of Chiller will cease entirely on January 01, 2018 at Midnight EST. Chiller is currently available on channel 222. Programming will cease on Chiller at 00:00 EST on January 01, 2018, a slate will be provided on the channel stating “Thank you for watching Chiller”. The morning of January 2, 2017, Cable Co-op will remove all versions and references to Chiller.