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Cable Co-op Television & Streaming Services

Streaming is FREE with all video packages

(not all networks and/or channels are available)

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Digital TV (Includes Free Streaming & Free HD)

Select TV = 56 local & network channels & 8 streaming networks $27.95        mini lineup combined

Preferred TV = Select + 42 cable network channels & 30 more Streams + HD Receiver $55.95    econonmy Expanded Basic Lineup

Prime TV = Select + 88 cable network channels & 70 more streams $89.95          Prime Lineup w logo    


Prime Bundle


Wireless Modem – 50 Mbps fast Internet with built-in secured Wi-Fi.

Streaming Networks – 78 Streaming networks including ESPN, Disney, CNN, and more!

HD Receiver – Includes 1 HD receiver with built-in interactive guide. Know what is on with a touch of a button. Scroll the guide while watching TV.

Prime TV:

50 Local Channels

76 Cable Network Channels, including HD

25 Music Only channels (Stingray Music)

$123.95 (includes taxes) per month + $1 Membership Fee per month (required to maintain co-op status)

Total monthly bill = $124.95  (includes all fees, surcharges and taxes)

$25 Install Charge (Keep service for 3 months and receive $25 install charge credit on 4th month’s bill)

$30 one-time equipment deposit (refunded when equipment is returned)

Prime TV Bundle

HD Receivers

Basic HD DTA $1.17 (Select or Prime only)

Advanced HD Receiver (includes interactive guide) $4.95

Advanced HD DVR (includes interactive guide) $8.95

Prime Add-ons

(must have Prime & Advanced Receiver)

Digital Plus = 33 Channels + 19 Streams $18.95

Premium Add-ons

Must have Select TV, or Preferred TV, or Prime TV & Advanced receiver or any signature series to receive following services:

HBO The Works = 10 channels + HBO GO Stream $17.95

Cinemax Multi Pak = 6 Channels + MAX GO Stream $11.95

Starz Encore Super Pak = 20 Channels + Starz & Starz-Encore Streams $14.95

Showtime Unlimited = 16 Channels $14.95

Equipment Deposits

High Definition Digital Receiver $30.00 ea*

High Definition Receiver with DVR $50.00 ea*

Deposits Refundable if returned in good working and cosmetic condition

Remote Control Replacements $15.95* plus tax, ea.

Installation and Service Charges

New Wire         $50.00*

Regular Connection       $25.00*

Additional Outlets          $25.00 ea*

Additional Ethernet Lines           $25.00 ea*

Cable Relocation           $25.00 ea*

VCR/DVD Installation  $35.00*

Service Call for Non– Cable Related Problems          $35.00*

Router Installation         $35.00*

Service Installations over 200’ will be quoted after inspection and charged on a Time and Material basis

All services subject to a 5% local tax.

The Co-op Membership Fee is $100.00. This will be billed to you in $1.00/month increments until you are a fully invested member. Your membership fee is your investment in the organization. Membership fees are used for capital improvements and to be able to offer new services and to keep operating equipment updated and as state-of -the-art as possible.

*Pricing subject to change. We will do our best to keep prices on our website updated and accurate. Please call to verify pricing on any of our services.